Creating Jobs

Representative Lozano has built, owned and operated successful restaurants throughout our community. He knows first-hand what it takes to build a business and keep people working and out of the unemployment line. Since we elected him to serve us in the State House of Representatives, Texas has ranked #1 in job creation for the nation. J.M. will continue fighting to reduce regulations and cut taxes so employers can provide Coastal Bend Texans with the jobs we need.

Protect Private Property

Whether it’s natural disasters or criminal trespassers, Representative Lozano is protecting our private property. J.M. Lozano is fighting to stop rising windstorm insurance rates, so we can afford to own and protect our homes and businesses. J.M. passed a bill to protecting rural landowners from frivolous lawsuits filed by illegal immigrants and other trespassers.

Responsible State Budgets

J.M. Lozano is protecting our hard earned tax dollars. He has passed balanced state budgets that cut wasteful spending and lowered taxes for Texas families and businesses.

Quality Education

Representative Lozano committed to improving our children’s education. J.M. Lozano increased funding for our public schools. He believes more education dollars should be invested in the classroom and our high-performing teachers deserve a raise. Representative Lozano passed a bill to provide more career tech training for students not planning to attend college.

Protect Small Business

Representative Lozano knows that small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy – both as a small business owner and a representative – he consistently votes to protect small businesses from over-regulation and higher taxation.

100% Pro-Life

Representative Lozano is fervently pro-life and earned the endorsement of the Texas Alliance for Life in recognition of his consistent, pro-life record. To him, there is nothing more important than family and faith.