Issues That Matter

Securing the Border

Biden’s dangerous open border policies have created a humanitarian crisis. Because the federal government refuses to do their job to secure our border, Texas has had to step up to the plate. And we have delivered. I was proud to support over $5 billion in funding for border security, including more law enforcement personnel and land and water barriers along the Texas-Mexico border. I won’t quit the fight until our border is finally secure.

Job Creation

Employment is the backbone of any thriving community. Having built and operated businesses in District 43, I understand the intricacies of job creation and economic growth. I’m dedicated to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive, leading to more job opportunities for our residents. By reducing government red tape and championing pro-job growth policies, we can ensure that District 43 remains a hub of employment and innovation.

Property Tax Relief

I’ve seen firsthand the strain that property taxes can place on the hardworking families of District 43. That’s why I took action to pass the largest property tax cut in Texas history, delivering a significant $17.6 billion in relief including $12 billion for rate compression and a $100,000 homestead exemption. I firmly believe that homeownership is a cornerstone of the American dream, and I’m committed to making it more attainable for everyone in our community. By reducing these taxes, we’re not just offering financial relief; we’re investing in the future of our district. I’m dedicated to ensuring our families can thrive, our businesses can grow, and that more money stays in your pocket.

Protecting Your Rights

Our property is more than just land; it’s a symbol of our hard work and dedication. I’m committed to safeguarding the rights of every property owner in our district. This means pushing back against rising insurance rates, advocating for fair property laws, and ensuring that landowners are shielded from baseless lawsuits and undue challenges.

Fiscal Responsibility

Responsible financial management is crucial for our district’s prosperity. I’m dedicated to ensuring that every tax dollar is used efficiently and effectively. By championing responsible balanced budgets, advocating for significant tax cuts, and ensuring transparency in financial dealings, we can guarantee that our resources are used for the benefit of all Texans.

Education for Our Future

Education is the cornerstone of a prosperous future. I believe that every child in District 43 deserves access to quality education that prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why I fought to secure more funding for rural school districts in the 88th Legislative Session. We’ve delivered real results, and I’m going to continue advocating for better funding, supporting our teachers, and introducing innovative vocational education programs that cater to the needs of our students, ensuring they’re equipped for success, whether they choose college or a different path.

Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of District 43. As a business owner myself, I’ve experienced the challenges of entrepreneurship firsthand. I’m committed to creating an environment where small businesses can grow and prosper. This means cutting down on overbearing regulations, reducing excessive taxes, and providing the support and resources our local businesses need to succeed.

A Firm Stand on Life

Family and faith are foundational to our community. I’m unwavering in my pro-life stance and am dedicated to ensuring that our district’s values are consistently represented in the decisions I make.

Fighting Rising Windstorm Insurance Rates

District 43’s unique location brings with it challenges like rising windstorm insurance rates. I recognize the financial strain this places on homeowners and businesses. I’m actively working to address this issue, advocating for fair insurance practices and ensuring that our residents don’t bear undue financial burdens.

Protecting Our Communities

Our dedicated law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for us every day and I have their back. I fought back against far-left radicals who wanted to defund the police and let violent criminals back on the street. I will always ensure law enforcement has the support and resources they need to keep our communities safe from crime. I was proud to be recognized by the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association for my legislation combating human and drug smugglers and was recently given the Star of Texas Award from the Association.