About J.M.

J.M. Lozano and family

From the streets of our towns to the quiet corners of our rural communities, I’ve always believed in the spirit and resilience of District 43. As a dedicated family man and small business owner, I’ve experienced the challenges and rewards of hard work firsthand.

In the Texas House, I’ve seen how overreaching government regulations can stifle our businesses and dampen our entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why I’ve championed policies that bolster job growth, ensuring Texas remains a beacon of opportunity. But it’s not just about jobs. I’ve tackled the pressing issue of rising windstorm insurance rates, striving to ensure every resident can protect their homes and businesses without breaking the bank.

I’m proud to have played a pivotal role in passing the largest property tax cut in Texas history, providing much-needed relief to homeowners across our state. Recognizing the importance of border security, I’ve championed a significant investment to fortify our borders, ensuring our communities remain safe. And our children, the future of District 43, have always been a top priority. I’ve secured more funding for our rural schools, ensuring they have the resources to provide a quality education.

Our land, our traditions, and our values are the heart of District 43. I’ve fiercely defended our rural landowners, ensuring they’re shielded from baseless lawsuits and safeguarding the legacy we pass on to our children.

As we look to the future, I’m more convinced of the value of public service than ever; and of the need for public servants more interested in doing our jobs than seeking the limelight. With passion, determination, and your unwavering support, we’ll continue to shape a District 43 that thrives, prospers, and stands tall in the face of challenges. Together, we’re not just making history; we’re building a legacy.

I’m here to listen, act, and make a difference for the future of this community. I hope you’ll join me.