About J.M.

J.M. Lozano and family

J.M. Lozano is a small business and family man who has worked hard his entire life. Growing up he learned that everything has to be earned and no one can guarantee your success in life. As an adult, he worked his way through college and is now teaching his young children this same work ethic and fiscally conservative philosophy that he learned as a kid.

As a small business owner, J.M. understands the hardships created by overreaching government regulations. They are job killers. As our State Representative, he has supported policies that help create jobs, making Texas the leader for job growth in America.

In addition to recognizing the importance of jobs in Texas, J.M. knows that rising windstorm insurance rates are putting a strain on our local budgets. J.M. is working to stop rising insurance rates so we can afford to own and protect our homes and businesses.

J.M. Lozano is also actively working to protect rural landowners from frivolous lawsuits. He passed a bill to protect farmers, ranchers, and private property owners from frivolous lawsuits filed by illegal immigrants and other trespassers.

Lastly, J.M. Lozano is a tireless advocate for our local schools. He is taking care of our tax dollars and improving our schools by passing balanced state budgets that cut wasteful spending and lowered taxes for Texas families and businesses. J.M. Lozano also increased funding for our public schools and believes our high performing teachers deserve a raise.

J.M. Lozano will always stand up and do what’s right for our district.

Re-elect J.M. Lozano to keep him fighting for us!