Creating Jobs

Representative Lozano has built, owned and operated successful restaurants throughout our community. He knows first-hand what it takes to build a business and keep people working and out of the unemployment line. Since we elected him to serve us in the State House of Representatives, Texas has ranked #1 in job creation for the nation. JM will continue to fight to reduce regulations and cut taxes so employers can provide Coastal Bend Texans with the jobs we need.

Energy Independence

Barack Obama and Washington, D.C. liberals view the oil and gas industry as the enemy. But for us, it’s our livelihood. It’s the way we provide for our families. Representative Lozano knows the importance of energy exploration to this community, which is why he has sided with conservatives in promoting oil and gas development instead of the radical environmentalists who want to stop it.

Voter ID

Representative Lozano authored and fought for a bill that would require a photo on every voter registration card. That’s how you fight voter fraud. (Source: Rep. Lozano, 82(R), HFA-CSSB14-Voter Registration Certificate Must Include Photo).

Protect Small Business

He knows that small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy – both as a small business owner and a representative consistently voting to protect small businesses from over-regulation and higher taxation.

100% Pro-Life

Representative Lozano is fervently pro-life and earned the endorsement of the Texas Alliance for Life in recognition of his consistent, pro-life record. To him, there is nothing more important than family and faith.